well we finished season 1

friend wants to take a break and make me watch princess tutu (which i've been meaning to do forever) so we'll start that probably tomorrow

i'm a bad person and i'm gonna keep watching bssm anyway because i'm in the mood for it (but obviously i'm going to watch it with friend when we finish tutu)

apparently the second campaign (run by, let's call him L) is running tonight but i'm not sure if i'm going to go mostly because i'm weirdly tired. idk, we'll see. (i want to play the main campaign run by T because i like actually being useful. sighs.)
wow okay was ail as creepy as fuck in the dub

because i don't remember that

"the more she rejects me, the more i want her" NO BAD STOP DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT $200

augh do not do that thing don't do the thing
we just got to episode 36 with evil endymion and

wow i forgot what a dick he was jesus christ


friend: ...is the anime trying to get us to ship [Usagi and Minako]?
friend: that was the shipping music
me: the anime wants you to ship ALL of the things
i keep wanting to jump ahead in my bssm rewatch because i have friends on tumblr that post caps from later seasons and then i'm like OH I WANT TO WATCH THAT EPISODE but no i can wait i can be patient goddammit

speaking of, i made plans to marathon more of the rewatch today with my friend who is seeing it for the first time so i should get on that

(man, every time the anime tries to incorporate stuff that happened in the manga, it's just... really jarring? like wow okay the characters' personalities are REALLY different and like i get what you're doing but it's kind of. ham-handed. whatev, i can accept and love the cheesy goodness that is the anime anyway.)



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