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drabble (sort of a sequel to this)

She opens her eyes.

The light filtering through her heavy velvet curtains is brighter than normal. She sits up, groggily, one hand rubbing at her eyes.

She feels a pull at her chest and looks down. She sees nothing but rubs at the spot all the same.

Swinging her legs, she rises from the bed. Her skin feels strange, like it doesn't quite fit - big in some places, small in others.

But that would be ridiculous - she's lived in her body her whole life, why should it suddenly feel alien?

She brushes the thought from her mind and goes about her day.


The strangeness passes, though not immediately. She feels out of sorts for weeks later, sometimes finding herself saying something she didn't intend, treating her coworkers and peers in an odd manner not entirely her own. At times, she almost feels like a different person, as though she had become something and then unbecame.

But it passes. Life moves on, as is custom.

Then one day, years later, black covers the sky. She hears the faint murmuring of something at the back of her mind. Something scratches at a door, bolted shut, growling.

Morgan lifts her eyes to the sky and is frightened.

Cold grips her heart long before the ice touches her skin.

And then, mercifully, she sleeps.


When she wakes, time seems to have passed and yet not. The dark presence in her head is gone and she feels lighter than she has in a long time, much longer than she can fathom.

The door in her mind has been opened, but the despair and hatred that was locked away is gone.

Though she is halfway across the world, when she looks to the horizon, she sees a gleaming crystal palace.

Beryl smiles and it is happy and unrestrained. She is free.



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