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OH i just realized i can bitch about my gaming group here without fear of them finding it and getting offended AWESOME

(which isn't to say that they're bad! they're really great and they are my friends and i love them but sometimes...)

like last night HOLY SHIT we literally wasted time for like two and a half hours before we even started playing

and this was after making the decision to NOT game and just hang out but WHOOPS NEVERMIND and i had to go home to grab a computer since we use roll20 for maps and shit

i felt really bad for one of our members because we were playing a different campaign than usual and i only just made a character for it last session (the guy running it runs it mostly with his residents and last session was SURPRISE YOU'RE MAKING A NEW CHARACTER which. i'm still kind of annoyed about because i could've made the character before i even came if i'd known.) so she ended up just sitting out and it was really shitty for her

like, i love my group usually. i just. wish they could get their shit together and actually PLAN things. especially because lately they've changed the night on us or just cancelled entirely so we haven't played consistently in like two months or something.


the whole thing kind of does make me want to RP like i used to though (mostly because i'm dissatisfied by how things are going and i want to actually RP okay)
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